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Some say it's science... We know it's really magic, and I want you to know what's goin on.
A dash of this, a pinch of that...
little elves whittle the unicorn horn.
For Example: take the Trios 3 Digital Scanner.
Dr. Reisinger see's this as the IT solution to the future of dentistry, but we know it's really a magic wand. Within 1 hour, Dr. Reisinger is able to survey the entire facial structure including bite, jaw and facial character, and precision to mico-millimeter tolerance all existing dental state/condition to achieve the magical outcome of a brand new smile and your delighted smile.

This magical wand can do for you what has never been done before:
20 years of tooth decay, dental problems and agonizing problems can be revieled precisely so that our doctors can do the restoration magic that is needed. Once the dental wand has done it's work we move onto the land of magical unicorn powder. The doctors send it off to a class 3 dental fabrication laboratry, but it's really the secret elf caves where they take the magical unicone horns and wittle down the horn to a...
Our elves a focused, exacting and timely. They return a perfectly set of new zirconia onlays that the doctor can install they call it deliver) in a single session/setting, with all after care taken care of. (Generally it is minimal)
You want to see the magic in action? Look at this troll: I mean doctor calls him a patient. 20 years of neglect, decay and shame that Dr. R will fix in one session. You telling me this isn't magic? As long as the magic continues to work, we're all happy right? Why don't you be our next magical outcome.

Image by erin mckenna


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A 58 y/o Troll's Mouth

Scary isin't it? When the wicked witch turns a PRINCE into a TROLL it's bad... But we have the magic to fix it!



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