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New Technology in Dental Implants

Dr. David Reisinger is able to place and restore your dental implants right here at
R Family Dental
ALL-ON-4 IN ONE DAY! See Results Here

Dental Implants are an excellent solution to missing or loose teeth, or loose dentures. Make an appointment today for your consultation! Ask Dr. David about the benefits of  "All-on-Four" We'll show you how you can have

a new smile in one day!

Traditional Dental Implants


We offer replacement of a single missing tooth or bridges on  traditional dental implants using the latest technology to plan implant placement and later restore them for optimum tooth shape, color (aesthetics), and function. 

However, our cutting edge technology using traditional or mini implants often enables us to deliver crowns on the same day!!

Our mini implants are $1000 less than national average and we develop a care plan that is tailored to each patient's need.

Newest Technology!


Learn about the benefits of mini dental implants

-Less Invasive

-Less Expensive

-Less Pain

-Less Time

-More Patients Satisfied

Our cutting edge dental implant technology has made our patients more satisfied than ever before!

Find out more HERE!

Mini Dental Implants


A more expedient alternative to traditional implant options when there's not enough bone.

Our mini dental implants usually require no additional bone grafting, sinus lifts or other expensive steps that delay the replacement of missing teeth. In most cases , they can be replaced from a day to a week.

You'll be amazed at how quickly mini dental implants give you the smile and function you've been waiting for!

We're committed to helping you take care of your dental implants. Check out Our Tips to learn about water flossers and dental implant care!

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