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New Technology in Dental Implants

Dr. David Reisinger is able to place and restore your dental implants right here at
R Family Dental
ALL-ON-4 IN ONE DAY! See Results Here

Dental Implants are usually the best solution to replace a single missing tooth or several missing teeth all at once. Single tooth implants often take time, ~6 months, to ensure they will have proper healing of the bone and gums in the area. How about loose teeth, or loose dentures, or both? Can they be replaced with implants all at one visit? Well yes, dental implants can be planned during a consultation visit with Dr. David then placed at the next visit by Dr. David and restored with beautiful temporaries on the same day in most cases!! The final teeth can be ready in a few days or weeks later!! Make an appointment today for your free 15 minute consultation! If you have a single tooth you need replacing Ask Dr. David what that entails. If you would like to have teeth that feel like your own again, ask us about the benefits of  "All-on-X." We'll show you how you can have a new smile in one day!


See details below: Our Typical Fee is $7500, or $15,000 per dental arch depending on your specific needs. Please call and ask for a Free 15 minute dental implant consultation today, includes CBCT scan free! (only pay for it to be sent out of office).

- 2 visits, CBCT scan included

- New Digital denture by 3shape Trios scanner Digital Impressions

- Removable, Cleansable, Denture is retained by 2 - 4 implants

- Implant Surgery, and surgical guide included if no existing teeth present.

- Same day new denture and conversion to locator or o-ring housings if implants are stable.

- Professionally maintained by strict daily water flossing around implants and soaking and brushing the denture for 2 to 5 minutes in hydrogen peroxide 2x/day.

- *Estimate only does not include extractions or bone grafting or contouring surgery

for illustration purposes only

implant over denture types_edited.jpg
implant over denture types_edited.jpg
Case #61523 TG BA side by side.jpg

- 2 visits, CBCT scan included!

- New SAME DAY transitional 3D Printed ONX Sprint Ray Teeth, Digital FULL ARCH Durable ZIRCONIA final restoration by Dhillon Digital Solutions using 3shape Trios and icam4D photogrammetry scanner digital Impressions

- prosthesis is FIXED to Locator or Multi-unit abutments retained by 4  to 6 implants

- Implant Surgery, and surgical guide included at no additional cost if there are no existing teeth present and no bone grafting required.

- Included transitional teeth, smile on the same day as surgery within 2.5 hrs.

- Professionally maintained, strict regimen of daily water flossing is all you need to keep these cleansable teeth shinny and feeling brand new for years!

- *Estimate only, does not include extractions, bone grafting, or contouring surgery. Sometimes these are not required.

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Traditional Dental Implants


We offer replacement of a single missing tooth or bridges on  traditional dental implants using the latest technology to plan implant placement and later restore them for optimum tooth shape, color (aesthetics), and function. 

However, our cutting edge technology using traditional or mini implants often enables us to deliver 3 or more teeth supported by 3 or more implants on the same day!!

Newest Technology!


Learn about the benefits of "click" ( Locator Fixed) dental implants and teeth

-Less Invasive

-Less Time

-Less Expensive

-Less Pain

-More Patients Satisfied

Our cutting edge dental implant technology has made our patients more satisfied than ever before!

Find out more HERE!

Mini Dental Implants


A more expedient alternative to traditional implant options when there's not enough bone.

Our mini dental implants usually require no additional bone grafting, sinus lifts or other expensive steps that delay the replacement of missing teeth. In most cases , they can be replaced from a day to a week.

You'll be amazed at how quickly mini dental implants give you the smile and function you've been waiting for!

We're committed to helping you take care of your dental implants. Check out Our Tips to learn about water flossers and dental implant care!

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