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Straightening of Teeth

Watch the video to Learn about ClearCorrect™ where teeth are moved into alignment with clear trays that blend in with your smile! Come see us to learn more and schedule a consultation with Dr. David!
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Straightening of Teeth

Both "Clear Correct"  and "full bracketed ortho" or braces are available options at R Family Dental.  We usually recommend braces, Clear or metal brackets and custom wires for full mouth realignment. This is when back and front teeth need alignment or teeth need to be moved more than 5mm. Clear Essix retainers are used in Clear Correct for movement but also used for the final setting of the teeth, which is often called "retention" of finished tooth movement. A fixed wire behind the front teeth can also be used before or after 6 months of wearing the clear retainers.

Look at what ClearCorrect can do!
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